Open design alliance introduces a new version of sdk

Updade from: 22-Feb-2019

The Open Design Alliance (ODA) has recently released version 2019.2 for the entire product line Open Design Alliance (ODA) has recently released version 2019.2 for the entire product line including SDK drawings, BIM SDK, Architecture SDK and Civil SDK, all of which are used by IntelliCAD. It takes some time to integrate new versions of ODA from IntelliCAD.

Open Design Alliance (ODA), leading provider of CAD interoperability and component technology, announced today the release of Visualize SDK 2019.2. Visualize is a high-performance 3D visualization toolkit for engineering design application development.

“Visualize 2019.2 introduces clash detection, which detects interferences or clashes in a 3d model,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA President.

“This functionality can be run on a static model to find all clashes, or it can be associated with specific objects to detect clashes that occur as objects move within a scene. It’s an important feature for a number of engineering disciplines.”

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA Development Director, said, “Version 2019.2 also introduces partial view indexing to support fast visualization of large data sets. BIM data stored as IFC or Autodesk® Revit® files tends to be quite large, and with 2019.2 we now provide an efficient workflow for visualization and markup of this data. “2019.2 also features new extensions that simplify the development of end-user applications, including a new interface for creating navigation and markup tools. Export to .dwg is now a standard feature as well—any format supported by Visualize can now be directly saved to .dwg.”

Visualize 2019.2 also includes new subentity selection, allowing selection and highlighting of items such as faces within meshes or shells, as well as fixes for member-reported issues.

The SDK and full release notes are available for download at

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